CryptoArg is an Argentinian collective and ethereal network that promotes the creation, cooperation, and exchange of knowledge between artists. We seek to link the abstract power of the cryptoart world with the materiality of the physical circuits inhabited by the affective, sanguine, carnal, and desiring bodies that form the community. As a geolocalized community, we focus on articulating and collaborating on regional creative potentials.

We initially joined together to share information, resources and support in the NFT space to empower creative kineticism amongst each other and other communities in the cryptosphere.

Our ethos encourages creativity, synergy, and artistic thinking in the NFT ecosystem, shifting the focus from big sales towards a more experiential, art-centric approach.

Above all, we are linked by an open cultural code with specific features.

Both language and a South American sociocultural framework influence our artistic outputs. At the same time, we seek to maintain an eclectic and unpredictable style.

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